Research data management refers to the organisation and management of data generated and processed at all stages of the research process. The University of Vienna offers a wide range of services in the field of research data management and Open Science. See "Support in the research process" for an overview.

In the background, several institutions work together on the research support services: among others, the University Library, the Computer Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Research Service and Career Development unit, and the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies.

The website is the central overview and starting point. For all inquiries, use the central mail address

 Support and services

The variety of departments involved and services offered might seem confusing at as first glance. As the data stewardess for PhilKult, Monika Bargmann is the first point of contact for all questions related to research data management and Open Science for faculty members. She advises and supports researchers in the management of their data in all phases of a research project and forms the interface to the central services in this area. The services primarily address researchers including PhD students, and in certain cases also master's students.

Contact: Consultation appointments are flexible by appointment via email/phone/digital and can take place online or in person.

 Current news

27.06.2024 14:30

Ancient Proper Names in the Age of AI

The international workshop "Nomina Omina. Detecting and Preserving Ancient Greek and Latin Proper Names in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" will be...

17.06.2024 13:00

Leitfaden zur digitalen Datensparsamkeit

Die Technologisierung fast aller Forschungsbereiche führt zu immer größeren Mengen an Forschungsdaten. Matthias Landwehr von der Uni Konstanz stellt...

07.06.2024 14:00

Theaterhistorisches Erbe von Paul S. Ulrich

Das Colloquium "So kann auch ohne mich damit weitergearbeitet werden" im Wiener Don Juan Archiv widmet sich dem Umgang mit der Datensammlung des...

04.06.2024 10:00

Thinking About Culture (not) as Data

In der nächsten Ausgabe der Vortragsreihe "Code and Culture" ist Lev Manovich, Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University...

29.05.2024 15:00

Open Research in den Künsten

Friederike Kramer von der UdK Berlin beleuchtet bei diesem Webinar die Komplexität des Forschungsdatenmanagements in den Künsten.


Call: Digital Freedom. Workshop for post/doctoral researchers

Bochum Center for Advanced Internet Studies hosts this year's virtual "Digitalisation Research Seminar" (DigiSem 2024) for doctoral and postdoctoral...

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